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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in January of 2023, featuring Apple-designed M2 Pro and M2 Max SoCs.

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Do Apple screen display panels have a serial number?

I sold an Apple LCD panel from a 16-inch MacBook Pro on eBay and now the guy's sending me pictures claiming that it has "burn marks"

As will all items over $500, I marked it near the cables and filmed the entire procedure from removing the screen, testing it, then packaging it.

THERE'S NO WAY I sent him a screen with burn marks... He either &&^&@@ it up (in which I can do nothing about) or he's trying to pull a fast one on me.

I need to make sure that he returns MY PRODUCT and not his own old broken screen, so I'm wondering if the screens are serialized and how to get the number off of it.

About 10 years ago..., I swapped a genuine Apple screen for another on a 2011 15" MacBook and when the logic board crashed, I took it to get replaced under the "Extended Warranty Program" only to be DENIED by the genius. What was his justification? He claimed that someone's installed an "aftermarket screen". Now, this was a genuine screen, but that's besides the point. He KNEW it wasn't the original screen, and had been replaced. MY QUESTION IS: If I reinstall this panel back into the computer, how can I tell if it's the original screen?

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Sadly, you are the looser here! Apple does indeed have S/N’s on the display.

The rub here is not that directly, it has to do with the way this display works with local dimming zones. The systems settings are held within the logic board which is based on what the configuration tool programs it with and that’s tied to the S/N of the display! Now the rub here is to gain access to the paywalled tool you need to buy the display from Apple!

So salvaged parts market is now dead! There are a few other parts like this now.

Stand up and scream “Thanks Apple you just love to add more E-Waste to fatten your wallets off of your customers!”

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