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15" laptop manufactured by Dell at the end of 2016. The laptop is very configurable, uses 7th generation processors and has a grey plastic chassis.

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Laptop doesn't boot after taking apart a putting back.

So pretty much title but at first the fans started spinning full speed and the batter indicator lit up, nothing else. When I opened it again to look what was wrong, after disconnecting a ribbon cable (I think it lead to the monitor) I touched something with it and the battery indicator flickered, and now it won't even show signs of life. I think something short circuited but don't see anything on the motherboard.

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Firstly, open up the computer and make sure that all the cables are securely connected to the motherboard. Good? Next, plug the computer into an external monitor and try powering it on. If the cable you damaged was the one attached to the display, then you may have shorted your display out. The red box in this image is the display cable. Is this the cable you damaged? If not, what cable did you damage?

Block Image

Thirdly, what does the computer do? Does the power light come on? Charging light? Keyboard backlight and fans? If the charging light doesn't come on, then your battery just may be fully charged. If none of this works, then you may have damaged the motherboard.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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So the cable in the red box is the cable that caused the light that displays the battery status to flicker. As I said nothing turns on now when i try to plug in a charger and turn it on.


Also can a mother board be dead and look fine? Either I overlooked something or I just didn't notice it, because I don't see anything bad about it.


The cable in the red box is the one that goes to the display, not the battery light.


Well i think it's dead but do you know which one would i have to replace?


which component


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