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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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20GB logic board for 40Gb iPod?

Is the logic board HD size related? Just replaced battery after 6 years. Does not show up in iTunes. Overnight charge results in 1/4 charged indication. Suspect I have a bad logic board. 20GB Logic boards are does the board relate to HDD size, or is that a misnomer?

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jimjarvis, you can use that logic board. It is not depending on the HDD size, the only thing to be careful of is that you use a board for a 4th generation, and not for an iPod photo. Even so some people call it a 4th gen as well. Those logic boards differ in the mounting screw pattern and have different stand-offs. Hope this helps, good luck.

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