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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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Cold weather tips for extending Lithium-Ion cells?

I'm writing some articles about maxing out the lifespan of lithium-ion polymer batteries, and I was wondering if those of you in colder climates have found tips for keeping your batteries warm to extend their life. The chemistry doesn't do well under 0 degrees Celsius (32˚ F).

What has worked for you? What about mobile devices like cell phones that need to be exposed in order to use them?

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Popular Mechanics just commissioned a test of cell phones under extemely low temperatures. As expected, the battery was usually the first to go:

Does Cold Weather Injure Cell Phones? Abusive Lab Test

They hit battery problems at -10F short-term exposure. I'm sure that they'd see the same degradation at slightly higher temperatures with longer exposure times.

It's clear that electronics don't handle extreme temperatures. It seems best to keep cell phones in your pocket so you keep it warm, and computers in warm cars or indoors.

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In colder climates, you need to bring your portable devices inside overnight.

This will prevent the batteries from dying too soon. You may also need to have a backup supply of batteries or a battery pack to help support your device. Most cars and trucks still have power adapters for you to run your device. Now you can buy portable converters to run A/C products in you vehicle. As long a your heater in your vehicle works you should be OK.

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For smaller items like ipods and cell phones you can wear them next to your body to keep them warm until needed. Not very practical for a computer but I wonder if you couldn't use one of those sock warming devices in your laptop case. (Properly insulated from the computer) Ralph

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