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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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Yellow Light Of Death Repair Problems (Heat Gun)

My dad and I were trying to fix my PlayStation 3 YLOD problem. We did not purchase the kit and used tools at home to substitute for the tools in the kit. Instead of the heat gun, we used a hair dryer. When we put the playstation back together it didn't work even though we followed each step carefully. Is it because we used a hairdryer and it might not have been as powerful as the heat gun? Also, should we try again and heat the thermal pads for a longer period of time? Please answer ASAP.

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Andy, Your hairdryer will not supply enough heat to liquefy the solder. Now I know this is not an exact number but your scalp can be burned by temperatures more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 60 degrees Celsius). So your hair dryer will be limited to below that temperature. Now check the general number for melting point of solder being "typically has a melting range of 90 to 450 °C (190 to 840 °F)" source. Try the fix again, just use a heat gun. Hope this helps, good luck.

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