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Repair information, service guides, and replacement parts for Sennheiser headphones.

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Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless headband/earpads

The headband plastic has split open at the bottom. It has also gotten sticky over time (I guess it's not real leather?) Even cleaning with soap or alcohol does not help.

The earpads have worn out and the vinyl layer is peeling off. It's also not very breathable.

Would like to replace both - has anyone found quality third-party parts for these?

Update (07/21/23)

End up looking into it again - Sennheiser does not provide parts for the headband.

This is clearly not the case since I can see it is removable with a few screws. Planned obsolescence for a high-end product.

It took me TWO minutes to remove the leather band.

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Ebay is prob your best bet for 3rd party but I would ask Sennheiser them selfs as they have sold spare parts for some models

I would stay away from 3rd party earpads if possible as they can change the way the headphones sound….more bass or less bass …it can go ether way

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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