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Sit-on-top lawn mower. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission.

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Why did my power steering quit suddenly

I would like to find a service manual for my craftsman 8600T Pro Series mower 347.270390. The power steering quit working suddenly. I parked it for the season working and it didn't work this Spring when I started it. I checked the red wire to the power steering motor and there was no voltage. Cub Cadet LTX and GTX use the same power steering system and they have lots of information with pictures and tests, but the electrical system is different. Like for instance they have an EPS module and a fuse block. I do need a service manual or at the very least am electrical schematic showing the power steering. I have found lots of electrical diagrams without the power steering.

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Is there any power steering fluid in the tank??


It's electric


Search extensively for electric power steering systems for powered mowers. Steering may as complex as vehicle electric power steering and require knowledge of electronics. Can you trace that red (power?) wire back to battery, fuse or interface module? Electric power steering motors may not power up until its needed to run or may be pulse width modulated to minimize draining battery power, using a switched power module.


I have traced the wires and cleaned the connectors. I checked all 3 fuses. I measured the DC voltage at the power steering module and measured 13.9 DC volts going into the module while the engine is running and I moved the steering wheel while I measured the output into the servo motor and the output was 0 volts. I assume the module is toast. I read the service manual for the Cub Cadet model that is similar.


With detailed troubleshooting, are you able to measure input and output signals from the steering sensor mounted on the steering column. It may surrounded by the steering module. Again, this is advanced electronics troubleshooting not discussed in everyday forums unless you can find the forum with experts or at the least, experienced owners able to relate to your issues. I cannot say with any certainty that you may have narrowed the problem down to the steering module as I'm not an expert or experienced in epectric power stering.


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Hi Chris, I just found you this PDF, I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but I hope it will help you

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This service manual is for an 18 wheeler truck Cummins or Cat. Thank you for checking.


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