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The Razer Phone 2 is the second generation phone by Razer released in October 2018.

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charging port error replacement needed

the charging port does not work, I need help replacing it!

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This is a known problem with this phone. I've been using a Razer 2 since the year they were released and have had multiple units within my family network and every single one has had the port fail. Since I still find the phone viable, I have opted to use a wireless charger to charge it up both at home and in the car. For the home, any charging pad that lets you rest the phone on it will do. For the car, I found the MagicMount Pro from Scosche works really well. It even works thru my phone case. This phone has the wireless charging area in an unusual place so I just needed to place the magnetic plate at the very bottom of the phone case to have it line up correctly. Other than taking it apart and replacing the port, this is the best (less invasive) solution to bypassing the charging port.

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