13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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No image or mirror image on display

I'm replacing a screen on a badly damaged MacBook, I replaced the LCD with a few different ones, and I keep getting a mirror image or no image at all, just backlit screen. I'm thinking I need a new cable from the screen to the board or an inverter cable... I wouldn't mind buying both to try it...but does anyone know of any other issues it could be? Cables are in securely...

Where can I buy these cables from? Ebay doesn't have it, iFixit doesn't have it... any suggestions?

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Check OWC

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You could try a local AASP, an Apple Store might or might not sell you the parts, technically they aren't supposed to. The cables are going to be 992- parts, which means the old part does not need to be returned for credit, which makes them a little easier to get than, say, a logic board.

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I am an AASP... and apple is backordered on the parts... been so for 6 weeks now! thats why i am looking for another route to go... any other ideas?


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Another place to try is LEM Swap. I've included the URL for you.


Another source is Laptopaid. Ralph


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you could try ebay, they might have parts, they would be cheaper there, but they might have them here, if not, there is one other website "welovemacs.com" i think it's called, but im not sure whether they have just parts, you should also be able to use a part from a 13" MacBook Pro, since it technicly is the same computer with the addition of an SD card slot. and "Pro" after "MacBook"

good luck, display parts can be a pain to find correct models, so make sure that you check before you buy anything!

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