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My Sony DCR-SX63 camera connector pins aren't working.

Although this isn't the right place, I wanted to know if anyone can help me with my Sony DCR-SX63, as I believe these are somewhat similar (at least hopefully). I'm not sure how, but the battery port is not accepting 3rd party batteries and for a while, was not accepting my OEM battery. I was getting an 04:00:00 message saying "Cannot use this battery in this camcorder". For months, maybe years, I was getting that message with my OEM, until I popped it into this cheap 3rd party charger I got today, and it suddenly started working. It is clear that the battery on the camera is not just depleted, I'm currently using a stopwatch and leaving the camera on, and it isn't an issue with the OEM battery, as it lasts a full 5 minutes without just randomly turning off. Sometimes, the message pops up, sometimes it doesn't. With that charger, I also got some 3rd party batteries, and they have worked certain times and not worked. Currently, they are getting either that 04:00:00 error or are just straight up saying they are depleted of battery, even though they are full. I can't even use them on the camera anymore. Does anyone know any way I could address this issue? I tried cleaning the connector pins, but it doesn't seem to work. I worry it is an issue with my camera, but I don't know how I could possibly fix this.

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@nokid83 so the 0400 error is "Non-standard battery is used" and the Sony resolution is "Use the InfoLITHIUM battery". That means that somehow, somewhere there is a check done by the camera on the battery. It will most likely only accept those batteries, that Sony want to be used (which of course is driven by corporate greed). Somewhere on the original battery will be an IC/EEPROM that is programed to "report" to the camera that it is "Original". This is not a error with your camera but a scheme by Sony. Unless you teardown the battery and harvest this IC, I don't think you are going to resolve this. You may need to try to get an original battery and see if that resolves it. I would be surprised if this is not on the "Batt_Sig" trace...

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