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Why does my MacBook Pro keep shutting down?

Hi There,


My MacBook keeps shutting down

Sometimes during start up and more often after a minute of logging in after its booted up from the hard drive. It doesn’t give me enough time to look at the crash reports either.

I have tried booting from an ssd externally, the boot works but still shuts down the same. I tried safe mode, tried recovery mode and nothing works. It still shuts off. I’ve also removed the battery and just had the charger in the magsafe port and it still crashes

Interestingly though, when I take the hdd out of the MacBook itself & turn it on, the power stays on & it doesn’t crash. But its just a blank white screen and then the question mark comes on as there is no hdd found

But even more confusing is when I put my back up cloned ssd in, the same issue happens. So its not to do with my exact hdd/ssd?


I don’t have a clue what’s causing this.

I did suspect that it was because of an application I deleted. Because I deleted it, and then after the first couple of times it started shutting down, the app was back in the applications folder.

The first few times it occurred, the mac would stay on for a few hours whilst I charged it. Which did initially make me think it was to do with the battery.

(the battery has been on its way out for a long time now, I had to charge it twice a day. I did a scan on techtoolpro14 recently before this issue started and it said the system was good, except for the battery)

I also thought it could be a hardware issue. So I stripped down the macbook

I replaced the speakers as they needed doing, and the I/O board magsafe connector because the grey stuff had totally flaked off my old one after years of use. Replaced the wifi/bt antennae too because one of them broke as I was stripping down the mac.

Also bought a “new” oem battery too

Put the mac back together… & the same problem persists.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


I’m now thinking of swapping the ram and maybe even the sata cable

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I found out it was just the ram

One of my 8gb crucial 1.35v ram sticks turned out to be dodgy & has stopped working.

Tested it on its own in both slots.

Now just using only the one 8gb stick

I have a feeling its even faster with just one 8gb?? I wasn’t impressed when I initially installed both sticks. I know its not intentionally designed to take 16gb

Maybe the stick was faulty all along


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It was an issue with a faulty stick of RAM!

FYi, if your macbook pro suddenly starts crashing randomly with a black screen, with a few black horizontal lines appearing a millisecond before turning off. Then it could be your Ram

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