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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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No service after a few seconds.


I've just brought a used iPhone 3gs, replaced the lcd. Now I've a small problem, when I turn it on with a sim-card in, it shows the carrier and full signal for a few seconds, then it goes into no service.

What can be wrong?

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have you checked the imei isn't blocked?


no, if imei is blocked, does it give signal at all?


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it does exactly as you describe. good signal...then provider recognises phone and signal is dropped. Sometimes you will have 1 bar..try to ring and it is dropped. I would start troubleshooting imei because it doesn't mean you open the phone, then I'd check the dock and connections for antenna.

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Everything looks fine, I guess its blocked.

Is there any database where I can check whether an iPhone is blocked in Europe or not. I've recently started repairing and selling old devices, so far out of 6, two has been blocked.


I'm not sure about europe only data bases, is free but not truly specific to say phone is legit... try google search, the UK has checkmend which is run by police/insurance and phone providers and is updated every few minutes, it costs 2e for a search but is worth it. If you buy on ebay then you have recourse to get a refund and to have the seller blocked for selling this to you.. buying from markets/ads then you have no way of recouping your money. I have 2 blocked phones from ages ago that I keep as seller waited 1 month then blocked it! Buyer beware. You could jailbreak/unlock and then sell out of europe or sell as an ipod that makes video? In my experience the police/phone etc aren't interested as they've done their jobs blocking the phone and they can't be bothered to contact the owners to unblock or retrieve their phone.


BTW, I'm not condoning selling stolen goods by suggesting you sell elsewhere, but if you exhaust every other way of recouping the money ie refund/phone co etc then you only have the choice to sell on giving the information that it is blocked.


In the US now, the carriers all share the same blacklist. If it's blocked on one, they're all blocked.


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Check the IMEI to see if it's blocked. You can find many IMEI checkers online. If it is blocked, you're nothing short of screwed. Swappa has a IMEI/ESN check you can use.

DO NOT PATCH THE IMEI! It's probably illegal in your part of the world. As such, you need to look into this on your own. In the US, I know it's illegal unless you do it in a certain way. Even if you found a legal way to do it, you will probably run into more issues later on. Most carriers reject IMEI swapped phones. Samsung and many other phones validate the IMEI to protect against this practice. It's probably illegal in your part of the world anyway. If they see this, it fails the IMEI certification and will not run the radio. I do not recommend this practice one bit.

If the IMEI checked clean, then it's a antenna assembly issue. You'll need to replace it.

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