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Bricked iPhone 3GS, (1015) new bootrom

Friend's iphone 3gs (4.2.1 (6.15.00 bb) wanted me to upgrade to 5.0, tried sn0wbreeze to preserve BB, when restoring in itunes 10.5 i mistakenly restored to Official FW (4.2) and now it's stuck in recovery loop, tried everything with custom fw and no luck, now it won't accept ANY FW (1015 error) please help (new Bootrom)

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Hey thanks a lot, these are two great answers and will give a shot to both of these, i'm both mac and windows user, and will try these two methods starting with Polly's, if that fails i will then move on with trying Tommy's, will post the outcome. Thanks a lot you guys!


for firmware try, but I had a whole load of pain with 3gs on ipad bb, it will only update to 5.0.1 and I think 4.1?? of the original apple software if you have it..with the mac trick it worked like a dream, updated to 5.0.1. and you can then redo the jb with the 6.15.00 bb using redsnow


@polly: i thought a 6.15 iPad BB would let any iPhone be restored to Stock FW.


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are you on a mac or a pc? the err can be fixed pretty easily either way. mac user?... in "terminal", type "sudo nano /etc/hosts", then enter passwrd,put a "#" in front of "", save and exit.

PC user?.... start menu, programs, accessories, run Notepad or WordPad .Click “Open..” from file menu. go to Windows/System32/drivers/etc . In "files of type:" select all documents. Open "hosts" and delete all lines that have "" . Save .

leave the "" 0ff in all these lines, just type the text

then itunes and restore

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Tried this just now, but when i put it in DFU and do costum restore i get error "firmware is not compatible with device" any hints?


Custom** mispelled


did you try a standard restore instead of custom with the above steps? your bb will be preserved anyway because apple doesn't have a bb that high for iphones, so you should then be able to re jailbreak using jb of your choosing.


@pollytintop i can't restore to anything therefore cannot jailbreak at all.


victor, if you do the "terminal" thing I've written above, you are basically wiping the slate clean and apple/itunes think this is a new phone. You should then connect iphone to itunes where it will be recognised, click on update..which is 5.0.1. DON"T do a custom FW restore. It should go through, then you have iphone you can jb. PS I've done the whole downvote by accident thingy...fat fingers! Let us know how you get on..I did the restore/terminal thing about 50 times trying to sort a phone out. there is no limit to how many times apple can be tricked!


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Howdy Victor!

You're problem is EXACTLY like the one that a friend's iPhone 3G was having when he asked me to fix it.

There will be no way to actually restore it to Apple's original Firmware, I don't think. You'll forevermore need to use custom Firmware, which you should make with PwnageTool.

From what little I know, you probably already did all of this, but I'm just gonna write down what I did, since it actually worked.

You've got to download the appropriate iPhone 3GS Firmware from somewhere online that corresponds to the version of PwnageTool that you got. (This is the trickiest thing. Set PwnageTool to Expert Mode, and select your downloaded Firmware. It will tell you whether or not it likes a Firmware that you choose. If not, you gotta keep looking for the right one).

After you lead it through the steps of making your own Firmware, you have to restart the iPhone in DFU mode. Once it's in DFU mode, you can go to iTunes, and hold down alt and click on "Restore." Then you choose your newly built custom Firmware.

I know that you say a custom Firmware won't work, but my friend's iPhone was doing the exact same thing until I used PwnageTool. It's an older app from what I understand, but I'd give it a shot. I was able to get that iPhone running again.

Let me know if you're having trouble. I know this is an extremely cursory set of instructions, and I would be happy to elaborate further. I may or may not be able to help with everything. I've never been an expert on iPhone Jailbreaking since I never like to do it myself, but it was the only way to get this iPhone to boot again. The 1015 error became my worst enemy when I was trying to solve this problem. haha

So play around with this some more and let me know how it goes!

The version of PwnageTool that you use is entirely dependent on which iOS you want to install on the iPhone 3GS. I believe they stopped making PwnageTool at around version 4.3, which means that you can't take the iOS very high, but at least it will get the iPhone out of the recovery loop.

Good luck! And don't give up! One way or another, you'll get it out of recovery mode. Everyone kept telling me that I wouldn't be able to fix my friend's iPhone, but I did!

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If you are still having problems, could you let us know what the phone is doing? Is it on a continuous black screen or when it boots does is show the Connect to iTunes screen with no emergency call swipe option? Either way, dont panic - you should still be able to recover you phone.

Let me know,


BTW: You can only restore to custom IPSW's once you have upgraded to the iPad baseband.



The challenge that you have is to properly get your phone into DFU. As you know, in its current stage iTunes cannot restore it. Although we will follow the similar approach indicated by the RedSn0w software to enter DFU, we have to modify the instructions slightly and that is what I have written below. Because you have the iPad BB installed, from here on out – you will ALWAYS have to restore your phone with a custom IPSW file – the custom IPSW omits BB checks and updates and hence will allow iTunes to perform a restore without resulting in errors due to device compatibility. Before beginning the following instructions, use RedSn0w to create a ‘Custom IPSW’ so you can restore to it later.

I’ve been in the same boat as you recently and after I recovered my phone I went ahead and wrote down these instructions:


Symptoms: When turned on or connected the phone shows the connect to iTunes screen with no emergency call slider. iTunes sees phone in recovery but phone cannot be restored

Cause: Could be caused by an incomplete restore or the wrong boot rom selected when the custom ipsw was created.

Tools & Files Needed: RedSn0w, stock IPSW for your device from Apple

Grab the latest version of RedSn0w from here (0.9.10b5):

Use this list to identify and download a non-custom IPSW's directly from Apple (the 3GS one should be ‘iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw’):

Putting phone into PWNED DFU mode:

1. Connect the phone to your computer - this should turn the phone on and show the Apple logo and proceed to the plug into iTunes (no swipe) screen.

2. Launch RedSn0w and select 'Extras'. Select 'Specify IPSW' and select the stock IPSW which you downloaded from Apple. You will be prompted to select the appropriate boot-rom option (yes ='s New, no ='s Old). In your case, select ‘YES’.

3. Select the 'PWNED DFU' option. As mentioned, the RedSn0w instructions for entering into DFU need to be changed slightly because in its current state your phone cannot be shut down completely because it continues to reboot once it is off. So to enter DFU perform the following steps:

a. Leave RedSn0w in the initial PWND DFU screen and do not click Next – we will click Next in a minute.

b. Hold the power and home button till the phone shuts off (phone screen shuts down).

c. Release both buttons and quickly press and hold the power button.

d. Count to three and press and hold both the power and home button together.

- At first the Apple logo will be on the screen followed by the iTunes plug screen. Wait till the screen turns off and count to three and release the power button but keep holding the home button.

e. While holding the phone and home button with one hand, use your other hand to click on the ‘Next’ button in RedSn0w. It should recognize DFU immediately and begin the needed exploit. PWNED DFU should happen relatively quick and RedSn0w will say that it is ‘Done’ and your phone will have a black screen. If not recognized in DFU, RedSn0w will eventually tell you such – return to Step 3 and try again.

4. Once finished, restore in iTunes with the custom IPSW you created earlier (clicking SHIFT restore and selecting the custom file on your computer).

Best of luck – let me know how it goes!


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I have been avidly researching this issue for some time and have read many many options most of which are centered around phones that have been jailbroken. Mine was not jailbroken but was simply hung in this 1015 error condition after attempting an upgrade from 4.x to 5.0. Since it was really my wife's phone and AT&T had a plan in place at the time to sell 3GS's (4's were already on sale) for $1, she just went and bought another phone. So the bricked on sat for more than a year in a drawer collecting dust until I had the time to mess with it again. After reading all the threads I could find on this topic, I decided on the path of going into DFU mode to force a new load but low and behold, when I updated iTunes to the latest version and connected this bricked phone, it went into a restore function, downloaded the latest firmware (6.0.x) and then proceeded to restore the phone to factory settings. I was amazed that it actually worked and that I didn't have to go into DFU mode or actually jailbreak the phone to get it to work again. Thought I'd share this experience in case anyone else has a bricked phone that has not been jailbroken and just has it lying around somewhere. Good luck!

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