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The Amazon Fire HD 8 (5th Generation) is a sleek, black tablet released by Amazon in September 2015. Model Number: SG98EG.

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My listeners on Zoom can't hear me properly. The sound is breaking up.

I can hear all the speakers on my Zoom group but they tell me that when I speak, it's breaking up and becomes unintelligible. This has only happened the last few times.

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This can be caused by a number of reasons and I can help you fix them!

1.) Restart your tablet completely

2.) Have you tried updating your tablet or the zoom app?

3.) Restart your Wi-Fi modem/router

AFTER TRYING STEPS ABOVE, try to test your microphone. Take a video and and say a sentence. Replay the video and see if the microphone sounds buggy. If it sounds buggy, its most likely a microphone issue on your tablet. If it sounds clear, read the next step below.

If none of these work, check into a new device. An outdated device can have performance issues. This drop of performance could be making your microphone not work correctly.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to make suggestions for sorting my problem. Unfortunately, everything seems to be working fine and I don't have another device to use. I've been told recently that Amazon Fire tablets are known to have this particular problem with Zoom, so I'll maybe have to get on to them.


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