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Kenmore is a popular appliance brand commonly sold by Sears, but Sears does not manufacture any of the appliances themselves. Instead, they source that out and have other manufacturers make their appliances for them. Kenmore refrigerators are made by a variety of different manufacturers including LG, Electrolux, GE, and Whirlpool.

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Ice maker not working after moving the refrigerator

I had to move my refrigerator to tile underneath it and after putting it back it will not make ice. We cut the water line in the basement so we didn't have to unhook it from the refrigerator. We have water, just no ice. I have a new water filter on its way. We tried turning off and back on the ice maker. Everything else seems to be working just fine and it worked before we moved it.

Update (04/02/23)

The model number is 253.7034341D

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Intriguing problem...Difficult to diagnose without being there, but I'll take a shot. Here's what I would do if I came to your house to fix it...

  1. Be sure the ice maker is turned on at the refrigerator's control panel. (sorry...I had to ask!)
  2. You say it has water, but be sure there is sufficient water pressure and flow right where the supply connects to the fill solenoid. The supply for ice makers is often soft copper, which could have gotten pinched or bent during your recent moving of the unit such that water flow is restricted.
  3. Check that the wires are connected, and there is voltage, at the fill solenoid when the ice maker calls for water. If so, be sure the solenoid is working. It should click when voltage is applied. More can apply 110 VAC directly to the solenoid to test it. Disconnect the wires to the refrigerator first. Be very careful here...arcs, sparks, damage, and possible shock if you don't know what you're doing. Don't try it if you're not sure.
  4. Lastly, it's possible the fill chute inside the freezer, that directs the water into the ice maker, is frozen up. This can happen if there is insufficient water flow, and for other mysterious reasons I don't understand. The fix there is to melt all the ice with a hair dryer. There can also be a telltale sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer from water spilling out of the ice maker. Check for that too. That can sometimes happen if the fill chute is blocked by ice.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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