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The Light Phone 2 has a black-and-white e-ink display, simple user interface and a basic phone app. It has no web browser or social media, and only a few basic tools are included, like a calculator, alarm, calendar, and hotspot.

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How repairable is the Light Phone 2?

I feel like this could be a standout device in the realm of simple, easily repaired phones, but I cannot find anything about how to open it up, nor about replacing parts (if it is easy or hard, tools needed, etc.). There is one video on youtube of someone disassembling one, but it seems pretty destructive, and I wonder if they could have used other tools. Can anyone weigh in that has experience with this problem?

video here:

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sounds like a jerryrig video, he didnt use any heat to loosen the adhesive or any isopropyl. that would probably help with the disassembly


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Hey, Chris

Using a heat gun or isoprop would be your best bet for the adhesive, but generally using your Ifixit Opening tool on the seams of the device seems to be the safest approach. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more information.

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