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Arrow Keys don't scroll through previous calculations

The "normal" behavior of the arrow keys is to scroll up and down through previous questions and answers, but my calculator's ones act like the "home" and "end" keys. I've tried multiple factory/default resets and it still doesn't change.

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Press mode and check that you're in Mathprint mode not Classic mode. An OS update to OS 2.55mp might be needed.

You can repeatedly press 2nd then enter to cycle through calculation entries.

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Has the calculator had a battery leak at any point in its life?

If so that may be the cause of the issue

It could also be caused by debris inside the calculator

Here’s a disassembly guide

TI-84 Plus

If you corrosion is found I would recommend cleaning with isopropyl alcohol:-)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Never had anything related to a battery leak. It just happened today morning, I was doing math work fine yesterday and it scrolled up and down just fine. The up and down arrow keys actually work, but the problem is their intended function (scrolling up and down) have been replaced by the "home" and "end" behavior.



That’s wierd

It might be worth reinstalling the software along side some other things

Here’s a link to doing that

TI-84 Plus CE Recovery Techniques.


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