My car turns off but Battery and Alternator is testing great!

So my honda odyssey tends to not turn on occassionally. Just recent: I used my husbands car for a week while my honda sat in our driveway. Day 8 I went to use it and it was completely dead! I disconnected the battery and charged it - once put that back together the car turned on and was completely fine.

The next day, turned on like normal - went ot work - 4 hours later, the car was compeltely dead. Jump started it and working fine.

Went to autozone and tested the battery and the alternator - both are fine. One tech came out and thinks/suggested it is the air relay fuse? looking in the book - there are a few of these air fuze things.... suggestions on which one to buy and try out?

thank you!


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@svyo4wmebxhhf2q for now I would not buy anything. How old is your battery? Even if the battery is good no air fuze thing would cause this. Seems more like a parasitic power loss. I would get Autozone to at least scan your OBD-II and see if it pops any code.


Hi @svyo4wmebxhhf2q,

Just verifying that when you say that AutoZone tested the battery and alternator that there actually was at least 13.8V DC measured across the battery terminals when the engine was running?

If this is correct then as commented above it seems like a power drain on the battery when the engine is not running or the battery is failing.

Was the battery load tested at all?


@oldturkey03 thank you - i will go back and ask them to check - what is the OBDII ?


@jayeff yes - hit that number which the car was running and I accelerated it to 2500... he tested the battery -... and the battery is fairly new too!



Here's what the OBDII port is used for.

Also check that nothing obvious is left on when the car engine is turned off and the ignition key removed e.g. any interior lights that may drain the battery. Had a case where a relative left the trunk courtesy light switched to the permanently on position and forgot and it drained the battery overnight. recharged the battery and the same thing happened again, until we found out why. Of course this wasn't seen as the lid was shut so perhaps not relevant to your car but the principle is the same.


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