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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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No water is coming into the washer

I have a whirlpool washer machine that all of the sudden stop getting water into the machine. The part # is w10240470.

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Hi @nellyflores

The number you posted is the Whirlpool part number for the control console for a Whirlpool model # 1CWTW57ESVWl, top load washer.

Please verify that this is the model number of your machine.

Is it only the cold water that won't enter the machine? Can you get hot water to enter the machine or not that either?


Model# WTW57 ESVW1

Serial # C01143267


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Hi @nellyflores

As stated above there are several possibilities that may cause the problem e.g. lid switch, timer, water inlet valves etc.

Here's the tech sheet that my help.

Here's a parts list that may also help. At least to locate the different components and to find the manufacturer's part number for the part. Click on any part to view the supplier's part number and the the manufacturer's part number

Once you've found the problem, if it is a faulty part, search online using the manufacturer's part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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On the back of the machine where the water hoses screw onto the machine, if you turn of the water at you cut off valves and remove the hoses from the machine, the part that the lines screw onto should have some small round screens in them. You can take those screens out and clean them. They are especially bad to stop up if you use well or spring water or if you had leaks repaired in you under ground water line. On newer machines there also a small electric water pump that can be found if you remove the complete repair access back of the machine.

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I have cleaned those filter and nothing.


There are several different things that can cause your problem depending on your ability to perform diagnostiics it could be your valves behind those screens, could be you water level switch and could be the console the other gentleman mentioned.


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