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Product Number: K3N16UA Description: HP Stream Notebook PC 13

This is a Product Number: K3N16UA
Description: HP Stream Notebook PC 13

Could not find this in the listing of notebook or laptop.

Ifixit gave a battery # I need to replace.

Is there any other battery in this Stream note book?

That I might need to change also?


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I installed this battery letting it drain fully with a full recharge even with the laptop shut off the battery only last a couple of weeks.

I did same with a apple laptop that will last a few months.

Should I ask for a replacement battery?


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There is only the one battery in the laptop.

According to the HP parts website the laptop model number is HP Stream Notebook-13-c002dx which has a product number of K3N16UA as posted by you. The model number of the laptop should be printed on the product info label on the bottom of the laptop if you wish to confirm.

If this is correct then here's the maintenance and service guide, taken from this support webpage for the laptop.

On p.41 it describes the procedure to remove the battery and also has the HP part number for the battery. If you want to try another battery search online for 787521-005 to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Hi @craigdickson,

Just to verify that the battery is faulty in the Windows laptop, create a battery report.

When you have the report, check the Design Capacity value versus the Full Charge capacity value.

For a good new battery they should nearly be the same.

You can work out how far the battery has deteriorated by calculating the full charge value x 100 ÷ Design capacity value to find the percentage that it is charging to.

If the percentage drop is significant i.e. >20% from the Design Capacity value, contact the seller about a replacement

Don't know Apple products that much but have read that this program is very good to find out about the state of the battery .

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I was able to generate a report but Firefox cannot find the file at /C:Windows/System32/battery-report.html

It is there just cannot read



What happens if you find the file using File Explorer and try to open it from there?


I opened explorer & there was the battery report, the values were a match.

Thank you.

Sometimes I shut down laptop & as last night did not complete shutting down .

Something to look into.


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