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Connector to car won't "click" in all the way

I cannot see anything wrong with the connector itself, but when I plug it in to my 2019 Bolt, it won't trigger the metal plate to come all the way down. I'm using other chargers with no problem. Currently using the level 1 charger that came with the car to keep a charge. I suspect I may have to replace the cable/connector but would love some guidance before I go spend $200 on a guess. @falconfour - I hear your the guy to talk to.


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Thank you Matt! @falconfour

Here are the pics. The black handle is the good connector with my slow charger. The white handle is the bad connector.

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It looks like everything is fine and it's clicked-in in the photo. But yeah, this is the handle I was thinking of. Did you try the adjustment I mentioned to make the latch fit properly? Maybe that's why it looks like it's working now?


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Awesome question - and awesome observation! Yeah, the latch needs to click/lock into place in order for the car to agree to start charging.

The latch tip tends to get bent sometimes, especially if it lands on the floor tip-down (look for a little divot in the tip of the latch). The latch is made of aluminum, I believe, which can be brittle if bent too much, and when it starts bending, it bends rapidly - so apply careful calculated force to un-bend it.

I find it easiest to unbend the ITT-manufactured handle latches using an adjustable wrench, sized to perfectly "wrap" the latch tip (straight-in, not trying to grip the latch face at a 90-degree angle which is impossible). When it's on, you can use the wrench handle to carefully bend the latch straight with calculated force.

It should be bent such that, when you insert it in the car port, the latch falls into place just at the end of the plug's travel - no need to push the handle harder into the socket, but also not loosely latching too early either.

If you can, a photo would help diagnose further if needed - but I hope this helps!

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