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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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Why can't I reconnect to my carrier after screen repair?

I took my Samsung S21 in to have the screen repaired a few months ago and upon receiving it back from the company I used I could not get it to connect to my cell phone carrier anymore. They tried many things to get it to work and after 2 weeks I was basically handed back a paperweight. I'm now reading on here that my original antenna should have been switched into the new screen when they did the repair and I do not believe that this was done. I have also seen that the only way to reconnect to the carrier is to install the original antenna into the new screen unfortunately this is not an option for me as the company I used had actually "disposed" of my screen before they ever even gave me my phone back. I'm trying to see if there is anything possible at all that can be at this point so I'm able to restore service to my phone because the company I used is claiming no fault at all and refusing to Aid me in the repair or replacement of my device essentially telling me not their problem. If you have any sort of solution for me that will save me from having to purchase a new phone (I had only had this one 3 months) I will be greatly appreciative. I know now not to ever recommend this company or go back to them as they have repeatedly ignored any requests from me or the Better Business Bureau about honoring the part of their contract that says any damage done by them would be covered.

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I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've experienced with your Samsung S21. If the company that repaired your phone did not transfer the original antenna to the new screen, it's possible that the replacement screen does not have the necessary components to connect to your cell phone carrier.

If the original antenna is not available and the replacement screen does not have the necessary components, then it may not be possible to restore service to your phone without replacing the screen again. You could try reaching out to a different repair company to see if they can diagnose the issue and offer a solution.

If the company that performed the original repair is not willing to honor their contract, you could consider filing a complaint with your state's attorney general's office or small claims court. It's also worth leaving a review of your experience to warn others about the company's practices.

Unfortunately, if none of these options are successful, you may need to consider purchasing a new phone. I'm sorry I couldn't offer more positive news, but I hope this information is helpful to you.

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Thanks so much! I'll definitely try that even though they claim to have tried multiple screens but I don't really trust anything they say at this point. I originally tried reaching out to anyone I could within the company to see why they wouldn't honor the contract but they are so low down they wont even respond to me so I filed a complaint with my BBB and have left awful reviews on any forum I can. I have a feeling I'll never see compensation from them but I'll dang sure make sure any chance I get I will be warning everybody I can to stay away from there. Not sure how many states they are in but the company is called C.P.R. if you ever hear of anyone thinking about using them i would warn them to rethink it. Worst decision I ever made.


@carlielizard seeing as you seem to have visited a bunch of amateur cowboys, I can't see the back being glued back on very well. Remove the back and post pictures of the internals if you can. I can't understand what they have cocked up as samsung are probably the easiest phones to work on.


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