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Some straight lines are apearing and darken image

Block Image

Block Image

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i've got this problem that when i turn on the tv it have those straight lines apearing like the screen is brocken and its darken in some places but after a while, like if it was after warming up, the tv is fully normal, i dont realy know what can be happening, i have some images that can show what's happening, any ideas?

Update (02/23/2023)

hello friend, i posted the images as you asked, i believe the model of my tv is the 42PFL5603D/12

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@linkoutsider post those pictures with your QUESTION. Edit the question and insert the images. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

What is the exact model number for your TV?


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@linkoutsider under any other circumstance I would have said this is a backlight issue. Until I've seen the lack of signal on the right side of the screen. This looks like a bad (failed signal) of the panel. You can try and check the LVDS cables and make sure they are not torn, corroded or otherwise damaged. Ultimately, it does look like a bad panel.

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ooh, i understand, the thing is that after some time it goes full normal you see? but i will check on that and give you some news.

i apreciate your help a lot, thank you.


@linkoutsider could be a failed capacitor or similar component. Get a can of freeze spray and spray it on the components, one ar at a time. If the picture returns to normal, you at least have the general area where and what to check.


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