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Is it possible to save my ipad by swapping shells?

my ipad mini 4 has a worn out charging port, as in the physical port itself got widened out due to my mistake of leaving it on the charger basically 24/7. when i tried to repair it the guy there said due to how the model was put together, the port cant be repaired or something like that. so since i cant charge it and the problem is to do with the shell of the ipad, and not the components, would it be possible to take out the components and put it into a new shell? or take out whichever parts hold the data?

this ipad has sentimental value to me, which is why i wanna keep it instead of just buying a new one.

shell being the part that all the components are stored in, or just the outside of the ipad

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If the metal area surrounding the connector is what's worn out, then swapping the shell is exactly what you'd need to do. However, I suspect that the worn out piece is the plastic housing around the actual lightning connector. In which case you have a couple options:

Replace the entire logic board. This is the simpler approach, but will disable Touch ID (unless you find and purchase a paired logic board and home button). NOTE: Your data is stored on the logic board. If you replace the logic board, you will need to back up and transfer your data to the iPad once you complete the repair.

Replace the lightning connector by soldering a new connector to the existing logic board. This isn't recommended unless you have micro-soldering skills and equipment. This will require removing the logic board as well.

Here is a community guide on micro-soldering tips.

Imagem de iPad mini 4 Lightning Connector


iPad mini 4 Lightning Connector


Imagem de Skills


Tips on How to micro Solder on a budget

Nível de dificuldade:


35 minutes - 1 hour

Imagem de iPad mini 4 LTE Logic Board


iPad mini 4 LTE Logic Board Replacement

Nível de dificuldade:

Muito difícil

3 hours

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Possible but pretty annoying for a repair, you have to gut through the whole thing.

Define “sentimental value”, like in US dollars or whatever currency you use, then we will know if it can be fixed.

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about 200 USD

also, to me, the data is more important than the ipad itself.


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