Computer glitches, car locked, won't start.

I hope someone can help us to figure out our next step.
Ford Taurus-X 2006. Bought it used last spring.
Last summer computer started to glitch - while driving out of nowhere all the panel lights up, like sensors go wild - all together, messages switch one after another (check, tire pressure, low gas, charging system etc.), odometer drops to 0.
My guess would be a computer glitch.
Car usually glitched 2-3 times a week (more during damp weather). Sometime skips almost a month, then again.
Also the steering wheel / ignition locks regularly. (we know how to unlock).
2 days ago it started to glitch almost constantly. And locks itself at every parking (when ignition is off).
NOW the steering wheel can be unlocked (still lock too easy), key turns in ignition (so not locked), the panel lights up, but nothing happens, no sounds - security light keeps blinking.
Is there any way to unlock it on our own or do we need to take the car to the dealer?

Also what could cause such a computer glitch?And what options do we have to fix it?

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