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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Help! This hose just keeps dripping. Trying to reattach it. Water is o

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I unscrewed inlet hose to check filter and was screwing it back in but it started dripping. Why won't it stop?

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Hi @wonderingwoman

Have you checked that there's a washer inside the hose connector? (the larger ones shown in the example, not the smaller o-rings).

Usually the filters have them already (combined part) but maybe not (example only to show the filter and washer)

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I put in new picture of hose end. I don't know if anything is there. Can you tell me?



There is no filter but the orange neoprene washer is there and maybe it is worn.

Try removing it and turning it over so that the other side is now facing the washing machine and check if that stops the leak.

If not you may have to replace the washer in the hose


@jayeff How much debris could I get if there are no filters on the hoses?



Depends on your water supply, the condition of the pipes or the water heater storage tank (if applicable - if hot water used).

For example if your water supply is direct from a well there will possibly be more sediment in the water than if it were from the town's water supply as normally it is treated etc.

Same with the pipes. The main street feeder pipes could be old (50+ years?) or even the pipes in the premises so eventually they start to deteriorate internally.

Try storing some water from the washer's supply taps (both hot and cold - it could be an ageing water heater tank as well) in clear glass containers and then check the next day to see if any sediment has settled on the bottom or if the water is discoloured


@jayeff That's a wonderful idea! I feel rather stupid for not thinking of that. I've been wondering about the water quality for a long time and wondered if that was adding to my dirty washer woes. Thanks.


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