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The Samsung Galaxy A10e is a lower-mid range Android device released by Samsung in February 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A102(U, U1, W, or DL).

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How do I remove Verizon form my Samsung phone.

How do I remove Verizon from my Samsung phone. The phone will not accept another SIM card from another service provider. I can send and receive text but can't make or receive phone calls or set up voicemail.

Under service provider software version: SAOMC_SM-A102U_OYN_VZW_RR_0006VZW/VZW/VZW

Is there anything can be done to unblock the Verizon. I have another carrier SIM in the phone and a message appears that it is not from Verizon wireless and Veriaon insists the phone is unlocked.

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I'm using Samsung Galaxy a10e at the top of my phone it says this SIM card is not from Verizon wireless, and also I can't make or receive calls,but I can do every other things with it have try many things but nothing? And also when I dial *#06# nothing will come up PLEASE PLEASE HELP


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You have to contact Verizon about unlocking the phone. They will have a code sequence you can type in.

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I have the same issue. However, Spectrum Mobile says the phone is unlocked as well. But when I go to Network operators Spectrum Charter shows up and I can't edit or add APN's. The only answer I've been given is to purchase a new cell of have mine repaired. The strange thing is how can Samsung repair it when they told me only the carrier can unlock it.

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