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A small robot, identified by flipping over to see where it says “bit”.

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One Wheel Won't Spin?

The left wheel, the one under the power button, only spins weakly/intermittently. If you stop it with your finger it provides no resistance at all. I think the wheels seem to be turned not by their own axles, but rather by little knurled rods above the wheels that contact the tires directly. The rod above the broken wheel seems to spin somewhat erratically compared to the working one. If you stop the wheel with your finger, that rod continues spinning. So my thinking is that it's not pressing against the tire as hard as it's supposed to? Maybe it's bent, or maybe there's a spring meant to be holding it there that isn't.

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@mxremyrose how does the other wheel look? Any springs Any chance the wheel diameter has decreased enough so as to not get the pressure from the drive axle? Have you had a chance to check on that with a decent set of calipers or similar?


@oldturkey03 I don't own any calipers, but the tire wearing down seems very possible! I hadn't considered that. I don't see any visible springs, and the other side looks just about the same as this side, but I read something somewhere about there being springs inside this thing.

I think I could probably find a replacement for the tire part that's thicker, thanks for the idea!!


@mxremyrose can you post a couple more pictures? Like something straight on? Also, any give to it if you push on the driver axle? does it feel "springy" ;-)?


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This might already be fixed, but I thought others might want to know more.

If you have a bit set, these Ozobots use Torx screws. You can open up the bottom and make sure the gears are properly seated on the drivers. You do need to remove the bottom black plate. You may also need to remove one of the bottom circuit boards if you need to reseat the gears.

I hope that helps someone.

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This was helpful! I watched this video to get a sense of how to take it apart, and used a T5x50mm Torx screwdriver. What ended up working for me was swapping the two inner wheels with one another. Not sure why that worked — just did it because I wanted to figure out whether the problem was the wheel or the spring — but somehow the bot is now running perfectly! Hope that helps someone else…


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