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Insignia NS-24E340A13 LED HDTV: Watch your favorite television shows and movies in full HD with a crisp LED display. This Insignia TV is easy to set up and just the right size for casual viewing in the bedroom, kitchen or a cozy living space.

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Why does my insignia tv come on but has no picture or sound?

my insignia tv turns on but it has a black screen and there's no picture or sound

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hi @niceguy12,

Can you view the TV menu screens OK?

Please confirm the model number of the TV?


no i can't see anything at all! it's just a black screen! the model number is: NS-50D420NA16


I have a 50” igsignia built in fire stick I have sound but a complete Black picture


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Hi @niceguy12

Seems like a problem with the mainboard (supplier example only)

Was there a power outage or a storm just before the problem occurred?

If you decide to replace the mainboard then double check that the board number (printed on the board), matches what is shown in the link. Especially check what is shows on any stickers on your board as the board may be a "universal" board that can be used in a lot of TVs and it has been modified slightly to match the hardware in the Insignia TV.

There may also be other suppliers online that may suit you better. just search using the board information to find them.

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