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Why my laptop doesn't turn on anymore?

No lights even with the charging lights

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To check, open the laptop case and remove the battery, clean the contacts and try replugging it and try booting. If the laptop turns on then there could have been a connector issue and that's why the laptop was not booting. Otherwise, you need to replace your laptop battery

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First check that there is 20V DC at the cable plug of the charger.

If the charger is OK then it may be a loose or faulty DC-In jack (supplier example only) on the motherboard.

What can happen is the jack can come loose from the motherboard and just needs to be resoldered back on again or the centre +ve pin of the jack, breaks internally and this opens the circuit between the charger and the motherboard, so that the battery can't be charged and the laptop cannot work onthe charger either.

You will need to disassemble the laptop so that you can check if the DC-In jack is either loose or that it is electrically OK by checking if the power gets to the motherboard or by using an Ohmmeter to check the +ve and -ve connections from the input to the jack to the output of the jack on the motherboard.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop that may help.

If the jack is faulty it cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced. You will have to remove the motherboard from the laptop to do this. Go to p.46 in the manual to view the procedure to remove the motherboard.

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