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The Asus Republic of Gamers G20 is a small-form-factor gaming PC with enthusiast-level components and good performance. Released in 2014.

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PC turned off mid-use, won't power back on

Was using my ASUS ROG G20 to play some Dark Souls (a fairly common occurence, and not an intense segment of the game, so I'm certain the pc could handle it) and listening spotify when my pc fully powered off without warning, as if the plug had been pulled. I've checked the outlet and the power strip I was using, both work. I have no real way of testing the external power supply (it's a prebuilt, it runs off 2 power bricks that plug into the back), and there are no signs of overheating/ no frazzled electronics smell. What should I buy to troubleshoot this thing, or is it already a lost cause?

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First thing I would do is get a multimeter to test the power supplies. It looks like these use a typical barrel type connector and are fairly easy to test.

Check to see what voltage is supposed to be present coming out of the power supply. On the actual power brick it will generally indicate input power specs as well as output ones. Most laptops will output ~19 volts. But being that this isn't a laptop, it could be different.

Check what's actually coming out of the power adapter by setting the multimeter to DC voltage, inserting the red lead on the multimeter into the barrel connector. You'll want it to touch the pin if there is one. Place the black probe on the exterior part of connector.

You should get a voltage reading in the multimeter. Compare it to what the specs on the power brick indicate it's supposed to be. If the voltage is reading a negative value, likely your probes are in the reverse orientation. Which is fine, I just assume the negative reading is due to reversal, remove the negative and it should match the specs on the power brick.

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Digital Multimeter


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Alright, I borrowed a multimeter from my work to test the output, it looks like both bricks are putting out the correct amount of power. What's next? From pics of the board, it looks like the power ports are soldered right on. Is it worth it for me to try to replace them with limited experience, or is there something else I can test first?


@misterleef That’s where it gets tricky. It might be an issue with the ports themselves, but it could also be any number of other things. I would just try to parse things down. Reseat your RAM, or trying booting with one stick or the other. Make sure all internal connections are sound.

I haven’t had a great time trying to find a good guide to get at the RAM slots in these, but opening up the machine using this Hard drive replacement video is a start.


@flannelist Just tried reseating the RAM, no dice. It's worth noting that the computer has integrated RGB that (I figure) would light up even if some major component was not working, so long as the motherboard was getting power. As of right now, I am continuing to get no signs of life whatsover. Any other recommendations while I have the poor guy open on the operating table?


@misterleef RAM can sometimes cause straight up no power. But, that's a bummer. As long as you've got it open, take some pictures. Due to the sudden failure, it's possible we might be able to see something amiss. It could still be power ports, you can check those to an expect for continuity without connecting power, but it seems odd to me that those would the thing to just fail all of a sudden.


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