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Released September 20, Apple's flagship 2019 smartphone features a 5.8" OLED display, a triple-lens rear camera, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS.

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Won't charge and can't enter diagnostic mode

Fixed a iphones 11 pro screen and left on my shelf until the customer could come and pick it up. After a month of waiting it had died on the shelf and when i knew that the customer was comming to pick it up it wouldn't charge. I cannot even enter diagnostic mode. Any ideas or tips for me to get it working again?

Things I've tired so far connecting it to my pc to see if it gets recognized by itunes or reiboot but to no avail.

tried entering diagnostic mode on the phone by pushing volume up and down then holding power button(side button) nothing happens and after a few second it goes back to battery showing a almost empty battery... Can it be that the ribbon cable for the battery isn't connected all the way?

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Tim Aikio, First of all, if the phone has been left to discharge for a month, it’s perfectly normal for the phone to initially show the low battery symbol. It will be there until it’s charged enough to boot up. Just leave it charging, and you should be a step further.

Second, the method you’re describing is not entering diagnostic mode, it’s a hard reset.

To enter diagnostic mode, press and hold both volume up and volume down. While still holding the buttons, connect the phone to a charger or computer, then release the buttons when the Apple logo appears.

Note! The phone (battery) need to have enough charge to boot in order to enter diagnostics.

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Hello thanks for the comment. I worded myself a bit bad in the post. I tried enter diagnostic and hard reseting none of them works since the battery isn't charging enough if i remove the lightning cable it dies immediately. So I will go ahead and open it back up to see if the ribbon cable is damage. Thansk for your answer :D


Tim Aikio, How long did you leave it charging? The initial “low battery” icon can be there for quite some time, before it has a charge big enough to boot. I even had a phone in for repair that wouldn’t boot until it had charged for an hour.


Over night so plenty of hours. And it is constantly on red so probably something with the battery...


Tim Aikio, Yeah, that’s more than enough hours. When a battery (lithium) goes below a threshold, it’s virtually impossible to revive it.


When I go to open up the phone later is there away to check the batterys health with like a multimeter? If so how does one do that?


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Hey, Tim

The reason for this is going to be somewhere in the phone's battery or battery cables. You're going to want to make sure the battery cables are connected all the way, and that you have a fully functioning battery. Try unplugging the battery cables, and then re-securing all the cables and putting it back. There's likely just a connection issue, or the battery isn't good. Either way, I hope this is helpful.

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Hello! Thanks for the answer I assumed it would be something like this so I'm gonna open it up and take a look at the battery. Thanks for the comment once again and I will respond further if it is a success or not :D


@Tim Aikio

No problem. I hope it turns out fine and you get by well.


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I had a similar issue with an iPhone 8 Plus. The new battery was so discharged that it would not take a charge. I was able to solve the issue by removing the battery and heating it up a bit with hot air. Then reinstalled the battery and unplugged the display. Allow it to charge for a while then reconnect the display and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the comment! I'm gonna go ahead to and try that when I go to open the phone up and take a look!


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