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Released September 20, Apple's flagship 2019 smartphone features a 5.8" OLED display, a triple-lens rear camera, and greatly improved battery life. Successor to the iPhone XS.

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Battery replaced but now phone is getting extremely hot & rebooting

Hey Community - looking to see if anyone else ran into this issue. Replaced the battery in my 11 Pro and now it constantly is heating up and rebooting. I also tried the old battery and same issue so I don't think it's the battery. I did have to go the alcohol route to remove some of the adhesive (battery was unplugged on both ends) so I'm not sure if that got in somewhere it shouldn't have.

Thanks in Advance!

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Okay, so sorry for the delay on this but I finally got this fixed and here is what happened.

During the battery removal, I scratched a bit of the lightning connector flex cable here.

Block Image

I'm guessing this caused a short and made the phone reboot after 10 minutes and would get extremely hot. I replaced this and everything went well hardware wise. Software wise it wouldn't update to 16.2 (latest as of this writing) but restoring and updating from itunes worked for that.

So to anyone who sees this and has the same issue - make sure you don't scratch anything! Happy repairing everyone!

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hello Nikolas,

What alcohol did you use? If it's isopropanol, you don't have to worry (it's non-conductive and is used in microelectronics very often). The heating of the phone is a symptom of a thermal short circuit, it occurs in the case of a direct connection " + and - " Unless you're into microelectronics, you might find this difficult to find and eliminate (some expensive equipment and skill required). Find a good repair service, someone will find this circuit and repair it for you.

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How to Fix an Overheated Phone and Keep It Efficient

Remove the phone's case.

Switch on airplane mode to disable all connectivity.

Move it out of direct sunlight.

Direct a fan at your phone (but don't put it in a fridge, freezer, or cooler)

Reduce the display brightness.



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