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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Sony.

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T v got wet fim spray cleaner

I cleaned my sony 50 inch with spray and cloth and bow i can hear sound but a blank screen could nit hear sound at fitst

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@a5092aw if you remove the back cover and the bezel around your screen, you should see the LCD driver boards. It is possible that the cleaner corroded parts of that. When you get to those boards (do not try to remove them!) take some good pictures of what you find/see and post those with your QUESTION. Hopefully you are just having some corrosion on there, which could be cleaned off and you may possibly need to solder some jumpers.

What is the complete model number for your TV?


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@a5092aw The first thing to do, is to turn off the lights in the room the TV is located, make it as dark as possible. Then take a flashlight, and shine it at an angle on the screen (while it’s powered on and should be showing a picture). If you can see shapes / shadows that corresponds to what you should be seeing, then you have a problem with the backlight.

Next, unplug the TV from the mains and hold the power butting in for 30 seconds (to drain as much residual power from the capacitors as possible). Take the back off the TV (be careful as there are capacitors in there that holds high voltage, and might not be discharged), and inspect the boards closely for damaged components. Take some good quality and up close pictures, then update your question so we can see what you see. Adding images to existing questions.

If the backlight is the problem, we will need to diagnose whether it’s the LED strips or the backlight driver circuit that’s done for.

Unfortunately, spraying the TV with a cleaner can destroy the panel itself, but let’s not jump directly to that conclusion :)

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all I can say is that the liquid if a chemical might have ruined the screen and leaked inside and you might need to send it in for repair

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@sqwerks_3464 Instead of pointing out, unnecessarily, grammatical errors and suggesting the user might need to send in for repair (that’s not what iFixit is about). iFixit is about helping other users fix things themselves so they don’t have to send things away.

This “answer” has no real value for helping the author in this case.


Sorry just scrambling to get rank back because I HAD 109 but it’s gone now


@sqwerks_3464 The point of iFixit is not to grow or gain rank / rep. points; It’s to help others! Spend the time writing informative and helpful answers, the rest will come.


@sqwerks_3464 " I HAD 109" do you know where you lost 100 points? WE are taking profanity really serious around here. Looks like you got a bit sideways with that. Focus on what is important and keep it professional. Yes, you can use informal language etc. but profanity is never acceptable. You'll get there. Telling somebody to work on their grammar, can be pretty insulting since you do not know anything about this person. I would suggest that you remove that part of your answer. It may remove the downvote. After all, if you want to build up a reputation, it is the quality of your answers that will get you there.


@sqwerks_3464 your comment deleted due to flags earned you a -100. Check your reputation.


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