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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Are there bugs in my washer?

There have been a lot of bugs in the washer. I think they're actually in the washer somewhere. I've seen many in the water with my clothes. I'll try to find a photo. Where could they be, in a water hose or something? They seem to go in and out of the holes in the tub.

This is one wash load. Even though these are quite visible and indicate that bugs are going in and out of the tub, I really think the bugs that are ubiquitous and a nuisance are tiny black bugs that you can just barely see. When the tub drained, these bugs were gone back through the holes, I guess, or wherever they went. A couple of them appeared to be swimming.

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Hi @wonderingwoman,

What is the model number of the washer?

Have you tried looking under the washer to see if there's an infestation of some kind?

The bugs may be just heading for moisture and the tub is the most likely place to easily find it.


The model number is Whirlpool WTW4816FW2. I've looked all around it. I see bugs, but I think they're in between the inner and outer tub. Would this make sense? Also, could they get in the air pressure hose? And if so, how do I get them out?


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Hi @wonderingwoman

If they're in the body of the machine there are plenty of crevices that they can crawl in and around on.

Here's a link to a video that may help.

It describes how to remove the drive block in your model washer (which is not your problem) but in doing this it shows how to remove the basket (tub).

This may give you a better view of where the bugs are.

If disassembling the machine seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional washing machine repair service and ask for a quote.

Removing bugs can sometimes involve using poisonous chemicals but if you can get to their nest you may not have to

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Have you seen bugs in washers before, and can you tell me anything about it? I've seen some miscellaneous bugs in the water with my clothes, but I think the nuisance bugs are very tiny and almost impossible to see. Can they be in the air pressure hose? I go cross-eyed trying to figure it out and would love to hear about what you've seen or heard about. Thanks for your answer.



The water pressure hose is open at the bottom at the tub end.

As the water level in the tub rises it also rises in the hose and this increases the air pressure on the pressure switch in the control panel to which the other end of the hose is connected to so that it will operate and stop the water filling at the selected level.

So I suppose if the bugs are small enough they could crawl into it but they would have to get out before they drowned as the water rose in the hose or maybe they died from the increased air pressure in the hose as the water rose. Then when the water drained from the tub they could flow back into the tub with the receding water level in the hose.

I've once seen roaches in a washer.

This was due to a nest being in the machine. They like the darkness and warmth apparently.

Ranging in size the smaller ones somehow got into the tub and therefore ended up in the wash with the clothing.

Clearing out the nest and then placing a few roach baits under the machine and also in the laundry room seems to have solved it.

It was simple perhaps to find them as it was a top loader which essentially didn't have a sealed base i.e. it was open underneath and also raised off the floor by adjustable feet to help make it level so anything could crawl underneath it and into it so all that had to be done was to tip it on its back to see underneath and into the bottom of the machine


@jayeff That makes sense that they can get in at the bottom. I hate this washing machine. It has given me nothing but grief. I'm sure the bugs don't help matters, but it doesn't clean anything worth a darn. Everything is still left at the bottom of the tub. Maybe the bugs like all the dirt that's left in the tub and on my clothes. I haven't washed in a month because of this. I have forgotten what clean clothes are like!



If there's still dirt left in the bottom of the tub at the end of the wash, check that the lint filter is not clogged etc. Click on the parts diagram - see part #12 for location

Also is the water supply to the machine town water or does it come from a well?

Either way check if the inlet hose screen filters are OK and not damaged. (supplier example only) If damaged search for 285452A to find suppliers that suit you best

Not totally sure re your model but they are located in the hot and cold water inlet hose fitting where they screw in, either at the supply faucet end or at the machine end.

They are there to prevent any grit or sediment which may be in the water supply from entering the machine when it fills.


@jayeff If I always used the Deep Water Wash setting, would the air pressure hose/sensor still be used? I posted about the air pressure hose being torn on another post. So would the water not reach that high? If it did, I'd have water flowing out of it, right? Thanks.


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I'd run a full cycle with hot water only and 2 cups of bleach. I might help to know what kinds of bugs these are.

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I've done the bleach, and it doesn't seem to change anything. I'm not sure what kind of bugs they are. I've seen some larger ones in the water with my clothes, but I think there are tiny ones that are more abundant. I'm not really sure and am going crazy trying to figure it out.


If you would post photos of the insects we might be able to identify them and give you a better answer.


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