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Analog sticks still slightly drifting after replacement

How do I fix this, I’ve replaced the analog sticks but they’re still slightly drifting, i believe i have oem replacement sticks but they were around 1$ a piece

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I have seen this issue with my repairs as well. I had soldered a new analog stick but during testing on gamepad tester found the sticks to have a slight pull but they were not drifting like yours do. The problem could be due to the to the type of analog stick you used because I see that with some analog sticks, there is no pull while some do (this is because each analog stick from different manufacturers will output some different resistance value when the sticks move around and the motherboard reads these signals differently) . Try cleaning the inside of the analog stick (pop open the green part which has the "wiper" inside of it, remove wiper and use a cotton swab to gently clean the carbon track to remove any dust or residue). Or just a rare chance that the solder joints are bad thus need to clean and resolder. Do test it with a game though, the slight pull in my repairs did not produce drift in games.

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Get some decent replacement modules and fit those. $1 each? They say you get what you pay for.

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