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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Home theatre will not turn on

This is serial no: T083193ZP

A Yamaha RX-V375

I plug it in and the on/off button don’t work

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@mat1133 has it ever worked for you? Anything happened to it in the meantime?


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Hi @mat1133

Try turning on the receiver in self diagnostic mode with the protection feature disabled to see if it will at least turn on.

Press the Tone Control and Info keys (both together) and then whilst still holding them, press the Power key i.e. all 3 now pressed together, and hold all for 3 seconds or longer and check if it turns on.

The "Sleep" indicator in the display will flash indicating that it is in self diagnostic mode. Release holding all the keys.

Note : If it does turn on be careful as the protection feature has been disabled so to avoid causing any damage (or further damage) turn off the receiver by pressing the Power key.

Try turning it on again in the normal manner and check if it turns on or not.

If it doesn't turn on at all, either by trying the self diagnostic mode bypassing the protection feature or it didn't after you managed to start it using the procedure then here's the service manual that may help.

You may have to start by checking if all the power rails are OK etc.

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