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white lines and image multiplied on SONY TV

Hey there! This inquiry is actually about a SONY BRAVIA KDL-32EX655, but I didn't see it in the list of available models so I had to go with what sounded closer.

For a while the TV has been showing some strange image duplication upon being turned on, but usually it went away after a few seconds so I didn't try to fix it, but today, maybe because it was a particularly hot day, the error showed up while it was on, and pretty severely, and hasn't gone away, I'll attach some pictures of what it looks like, and there you'll see exactly what I mean.

Block Image

Block Image

It's an old model without any software reset settings, so all I was able to try was unplugging it for a while, which unfortunately didn't work, nor did messing around with the different HDMI and A/V ports. Obviously neither did messing with image settings.

I've had issues googling for this specific error, and I've found no guide about this specific problem.

I was just about resigned to the idea that I'd need to get opened up, but I would like to try asking here before, since I don't have much experience fixing TVs at all, and I have a hunch it could be software related. Looking trough different programming we noticed the lines are related to the first pixel at the top of the screen, indeed if the top of the image is black no bars appear at all. Tho there's still some imagine duplication.

Block Image

Any ideas what it might be? I'm at a total lost here save of thinking some cable inside is loose, tho I wouldn't really know which one.

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Cecilia Terrile this can be caused by a few things. first heck all your video input sources. Try all of them and see if that makes a difference. HDMI, Component, Coax etc. all use different parts of the main board. If one/some show normal, then you know it is your main board that has failed.

It is usually the T-con board if your TV has "double vision" but that is usually from side to side. Yours appears to be a Vsync issue which can be coming from a bad main board. Last but not least (and usually not fixable by the DIY'er) there are also issues on the LCD driver boards (part of the LCD panel assembly). If you live in a very humid climate, you also need to check the connectors for the ribbon cables and the cables itself, since corrosion can also be part of the problem. So remove the cables, check them very carefully for corrosion or any other debris.

If none of this works, and the issue could be the LCD panel, check something like this video where the connection from the T-con board to the LCD panel is actually being altered. If I would change boards I would start with T-con (smaller green board with one ribbon cable on the top and two ribbon cable to the bottom going to the panel) then the main board. Blue board with all the video input connections etc.

This document SM KDL 32EX655 can help you while working on your TV.

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The first thing I would do is to open it up and check for bad capacitors, especially since it is an older TV. Once you verify there are no leaking or expanding caps you can focus on other possibilities. It appears like it is loosing or misplacing scan lines, then repeating them later. That would be a vertical problem, most likely on the main board.

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