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Vertical lines on the screen | Philips 43" monitor BDM4350UC

I have had this monitor for a little over 6 years with approximately 10 hours usage on daily basis. It has been working fine until yesterday. I have no prior experience in TV/monitor repair but I have basic knowledge in electronics.

I have been watching Youtube videos and trawling over this forum on what the cause might be: main board, T-con board, driver board or the screen panel. I was hoping if the experts in this forum would be able to share some insights.

Here is the current situation:

Block Image

The monitor has an Amazon Fire Stick TV connected to one of the inputs. The issue starts when the monitor turns on as I can see the backlight, but no picture. If the left T-con ribbon cable is disconnected, I get the picture above but if I connect both T-con ribbon cables back, it goes back to black screen with only backlight.

I have used a multimeter to confirm that the fuse on the T-con board has 12V on both sides of the fuse so I don't think there is an issue with the T-con board fuse.

As we can see from the picture above, the right hand side screen shows a third of the picture from Amazon Fire Stick TV but the remaining right hand side screen has lines all over it.

I have also cleaned both sides of the ribbon cable connectors on each end. I have also tried swapping the ribbon cables (left to right, right to left) to see if it's the ribbon cable that is the issue but to no avail.

What could be the issue? What else can I check or try? Should I replace the T-con board, the main board, the driver board or is it the panel itself?

Thank you in advance.

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@bdm4350uc this is sometimes caused by the flat cable connecting the TCON to the LCD panel coming loose. The area of missing video can be dark or completely white depending on the panel design. Since you do have some "signal" to the side it is also possible that this is a bad LED driver board (not yet DIY'er replaceable). I would try and get a replacement T-con board (I'd go for as inexpensive as possible)and keep fingers crossed that it'll work

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