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Manufacturer Part Number 100015685 Serial Number: G5KDCZ0670L5

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Touchpad shuts down for no reason

The model above is different, selected it because they don't have mine. Mine is an Onn 10" touchpad with keyboard attachment, Manufacturing part no. 100005209 Serial no. 5209908067754 . Front and rear camera with micro SD card slot and micro USB input. Ok. Let's get to the problem.

So when I just play a tone (notification for example), it just stops and the screen turns off. Press and hold power button, it boots up. So every time I put something like GPS on or sound on or even a notification, it just shuts down. No warning or anything.

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@anchefixes it sounds like you are saying that anything with sound will turn your tablet off. Do you still have full access to the settings? Have you tried a reset? What have you tired?


Nevermind! I took it apart and unplugged and replugged the battery and now it works surprisingly.


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Ok so I fixed it either by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, or by pressing the reset button I noticed at the last second and holding it down for 60 secs, but I don't know which one did it because I did both at the same tim before powering it up.

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