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Repair and support for the controllers that shipped with the PS3. Released in November 2007 (Japan only) and 2008 (other countries), the six-axis lithium battery powered controller (CECHZC2) is straightforward to repair.

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Can my controller survive after it has been dunked into some water?

My little brother just sorta dipped it in the toilet so can it survive because it's not working right now.

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Open it up and remove the battery, making sure everything is dry as a bone. Dualshock Repair guides

While in there check for corrosion/rust if any is present, depending on how extensive it is, try removing it if you can using a light touch.

All of this assumes that the controller was not powered on while submerged, if it was you may be out a controller as the motherboard may already be fried. If you're lucky it may only be the battery thats dead.

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