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Fifth generation of iPad, released in March 2017. Available in Wi-Fi and LTE with 32 and 128 GB storage options. Features a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A9 processor.

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A1822, Blank Screen After Digitizer Repair

I replaced the digitizer on my  iPad 5th Generation , A1822. When I went to test before closing it up I noticed the screen was blank and would not display anything. I could see it was slightly dark blue so not completely black but it has backlight. After multiple soft resets and multiple hard reset nothing worked. I plugged it in and removed the power supply with no difference. I did this while attempting the various two types of resets.

I reinstalled the old hardware and was shocked when the screen turned on. I proceeded to uninstall the broken hardware and reinstalled the new digitizer. The same thing occurred nothing on the screen with the screen displaying the dark green. I assume this is the back light being turned on. Each time I made sure the battery was not connected to not cause any high amp damage.

A bit confused about what to do next.

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With the new screen connected try pressing the home and power buttons together for 30 to 40 seconds. If apple logo appears then let go.

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I held both button for at east 20 second. Do you really think the 30 or 40 seconds makes a difference? I will do. Just asking for explanation.


Yes, some iPads need a hard reset after fitting new parts.


Thanks for responding. I just did this three times at 60 seconds each and I got nothing to display on screen. I know the new home button that came with the digitizer works because the back light responds, as in turns on back light when I push it. Thanks for the suggestion.


Leave the digitisers off and only connect the lcd and then turn it on. Just to rule out an lcd issue. I take it the battery screw was in when you were testing the last time?


@strongbow , I did remove the digitizer to rule things out. From reading and researching this looks like I failed at isolating the battery and damaged the image filter chip.


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