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PS4 Controller model CUH-ZCT1. Released in November 2013 by Sony Computer Entertainment, this six-axis, 3.7 V lithium ion battery controller is uncomplicated to repair. (NOTE: Teardown guide is NOT for this model)

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battery and the touchpad connection melted

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Hi, i tried to remove the joystick by using the heat gun but the problem is that the battery connection and the touchpad connection melted even with aluminum on it. Is it still possible to fix it?

Edit: the plastic also melted in the middle of the motherboard where the headphone jack is, is that a issue or not?

I would appreciate any answers! :)

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@redmoka depends how bad it looks. Post some pictures with your QUESTION so we can see the damage. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Just added pictures on my question.




From the photos that are you posted the connectors aren’t on the board

If you can post a close-up of the pads (where the connectors once were)we can see if it’s all good to go(ready to resolver some new ones)

Also as for the plastic on the other side of the board : try and heat it up a little (really not a lot) just enough to help it separate from the board and carefully try and peel it off of the board:-)


@hellomacos i just posted the better zoomed picture for the connectors.



All but one of the pads look ok(in the new photos)but if you can clean the burn marks off with some isopropyl alcohol and repost the pictures that would give us a better indication of what’s going on so that we can be certain:-)



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@redmoka looks like a little bit to much heat. From what I can tell you also have some solder pad damage to the L joystick connections. Not sure if your traces are still good. You'd have to clean the board with some isopropyl alcohol and repost those images. The connectors are not easy to find as individual pieces. I suggest that you try and purchase either a faulty controller from places like ebay and use that board to harvest parts of it. Or you can purchase a good used controller board from here that way you are done with it. Oh yes, no more heat gun for that type of job. Good soldering iron, de-solder wick etc. is essential for this.

Imagem de DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard (JDM-055)


DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard (JDM-055)


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