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Modelo A1502 / processador 2,4, 2,6 ou 2,8 GHz de dois núcleos / Lançado em outubro de 2013

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2013 mbp Keys Q through O not working

a row of non working keys on a 2013 retina macbook pro. not coming across any resource online which addresses this specific issue yet… feels like a software issue since adjacent keys Q through O stopped working . Issue was fixed on restart once but not working anymore. any help would be much appreciated.

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Does it work if you boot into recovery OS and type into terminal? That would rule out software issue when it doesn’t work.


@johnmarston - What is the OS you are running on this system? macOS as well as Windows by chance?


Thanks. running macos big sur alone@danj


Thanks for the reply, checking the steps on how to do this @thequacker


The keyboard needs to be replaced


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It sounds like the keyboard needs to be replaced. One way to confirm this would be to boot up Linux on the machine. If the keys don't work in Linux, then the problem is hardware, if they do, then we know it is a problem with MacOS. Just follow these instructions to create a bootable drive, and then plug it into the MBP which is powered down. Turn it on and immediately press and hold the option key. Select the orange drive onscreen and it will boot Linux. This will take a little while as the flash drive is not nearly as fast as a hard disk. Once booted, choose "Try Ubuntu". It will load even more before you will be presented with a desktop. Open the app launcher from the left-hand side of the screen (it looks like a grid of nine squares). From inside, choose LibreOffice Writer. Once opened, press some of your keys that don't work. Do they work now? If they do, then I would try reinstalling MacOS. If they don't work, then you will have to replace your keyboard, which on MacBooks like yours means replacing the entire top of the computer. This is a very challenging repair, so you may want to see if you can find someone to do it for you. Apple won't do it, as your computer is no longer supported by them. If liquid has ever been spilled on the computer, then that could've been the cause of your failure, so be very careful when drinking and using a computer.

Good luck!

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