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The tenth generation Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks that was produced by Ford Motor Company, it was sold from the 1997 to the 2004 model years.

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Why is my temperature gage not working

When I turn on my f150 the temperature gage shoots all the way up and stays there I replaced the coolant temperature sensor in it but it don’t fix the problem the truck runs fine and not overheating

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Try connecting an OBD II reader capable of displaying live data, specifically engine coolant temperatures, observing cold engine temperature at ignition on time before starting and/or when idling. Good readers will update coolant temps with some requiring a screen refresh to reflect a different temperature. The reader displays coolant temp signals from the body conrol module. The bcm drives the instrument panel gauges. If a reader displays correct temps then the temperature gauge may be faulty or the electronics in the isntrument panel may be faulty.

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