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JBL FLIP 5 can't couple 2 BT speakers - no audio


I have two JBL FLIP 5 speakers that I wish to couple together in "party mode". Both speakers produce sound when used as primary speakers. But when I use one as primary (connected via BT to the audio source), and follow the procedure to couple the second one, the second loudspeaker emits a sound to confirm coupling but produces no sound. This happens whichever one of the two is primary. And I have previously used these same speakers in "partymode" without problem (even coupling 4 or 5 speakers together).

I can't find any troubleshooting help on this particular problem. Can anyone help ?

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Download the jbl app and use that to pair them.

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Glad to help. You can only try it. See if there is a jbl app for pc, I’ve never looked to be honest.


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Thankyou. ! Yes that worked !

It just means tht I have to run them through a phone, when a computer would be more useful.

I'm wondering if I should try uprgrading their firmware, to be sure they're of exactly the same generation ?

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