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Repair guides for Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone.

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G3 Upgrade to G4

Can my J3 be upgraded to G4?

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What do you mean by that? Do you mean the internals being switched to a G4 housing? Or a software update? Or a complete brand switch? Please give us more details.



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Do you mean the 4G signalling band?

Have you checked the network settings in the phone, you didn't say?

If so it should already be capable of receiving 4G but it may depend on your service provider or what SIM card you have in the phone.

Try another known 4G working, same network provider, same size SIM card (nano, micro? depends which exact model you mean), in the phone and check if that works OK and if your SIM card works in a known 4G working, same network service provider, same size SIM card phone i.e. basically swap the SIM cards between two phones, yours and another one using the same network and check what works where.

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