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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Missing Macintosh HD: no boot up

2015 MacBook Air. Wiped the drive and booted to recovery mode to install new OS. No Hard drive found.

Boot into Target Disk and hard drive is there and I can erase and install an OS. Still not hard drive found when I boot to the Air.

I have done PRAM reset and SMC. Nothing.

Cannot boot into Safe Mode or Single User.

I have unseated and reseated the drive.

Completely baffled at this point.

Any ideas would be great. Just don't know what to start replacing at this point.



Update (08/31/2022)

booted from external USB. No internal Drive shows at all in Disk Utility

Update (08/31/2022)

Original HD.

I don't get why I can see the drive in Target Disk mode but not interallly


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You'll need to setup an external OS installer drive to fix the internal. Get a 32GB USB thumb drive using another Mac system format the drive the GUID and a journaled file system then install Sierra onto it (later you can upgrade) Go to here to get it How to get old versions of macOS and follow this guide to How to create a bootable installer for macOS to set it up.

Once done use it to boot up under it reformat your internal drive using the Installers Disk Utility. Then install the OS. Once done you should be able to boot up. Lets us know once you've gotten that far.

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Ok. So I think I have done this. I have booted the bad computer into Target Disk Mode. Used the good computer which can see the drive to erase it and reformat it as HFS+. Installed Yosemite onto that drive.

Rebooted the bad machine and same problem. Only shows Base OS X in Internet Recovery Disk Utility and still cannot see the drive.


@Debra Singer - What is the drive? The original or a replacement (and if a new give us the details) Also what is your model the 11" or 13"


@Debra Singer - You have the wrong version of macOS on your system. Apple altered the the file system in High Sierra and newer to APFS. Your system can't deal with it until its systems firmware is updated. Which is why we first need to get to Sierra. Please setup the OS installer as they gets around the Target Disk Mode conflict you are facing. Alter please tell us what the drive is and what you have the 11" or 13" system so we can be sure we don't mess up.


I erased and reformatted the drive back to HFS+. Still cannot see it. We have the 13"


@danj I only have other computers running Monterey and Big Sur. when I download the Sierra installer it is a package and you cannot see the contents nor run the package to get to the Install Sierra application stage! I am so stuck. Thank you in advance


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