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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Display Won't Power on w/o Resetting SMC After Closing Lid

Hi Everyone,

This issue has been plaguing me for close to two years now. Anytime I close the lid and reopen it, the keyboard lights up (and sometimes fans go on), but the screen remains black (no backlight either). The only thing that brings it back is resetting the SMC and having it reboot.

This issue started happening around the time I replaced my fan after the bearings started going/rattling. I suspected I may have damaged something, maybe the logic board, but I am pretty clueless about the internals of a Mac. After seeing the price of donor boards, I sort of gave up hope.

I just recently replaced the display cable hoping it would fix things but no dice. I also learned about flexgate, but I'm not sure how to check if those cables are damaged. I have tried shining a flashlight into the display after closing and opening the screen, but there's nothing. Just darkness.

The good news is everything else about the Mac seems to work fine outside of being able to close it and take it places. I'm very much out of ideas, so any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Diagnostic Result

Block Image

Coconut Battery Result

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Did you try running the onboard diagnostic to see if an error popped? Restart the system and press the D key to enter. Let us know the error code.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

You might also want to check the battery, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Hi Dan. Thanks for helping!

I ran the onboard diagnostic and no errors popped up. I included an image of it in the original post as well as a screenshot of Coconut Battery.


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Well, your battery is way past is max cycle count of 1,000 Determine battery cycle count for Mac notebooks while CoconutBattery is telling you Fair, but its on the very edge of Poor! This is also the original battery the system came with which is now over four years. So its time for a new battery and I'm suspecting this will solve your problems!

MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Function Keys, Late 2016-2017) Battery and here's the guide Substituição da bateria do MacBook Pro 13" com Function Keys de 2017

Imagem de MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Function Keys, Late 2016-2017) Battery


MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Function Keys, Late 2016-2017) Battery


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That's unfortunate. I've gone ahead and ordered the battery kit, and will report back once it's installed.

Thank you again!


So I finally got the battery installed and calibrated. The good news is that it's working great! Feels a bit more responsive too.

The bad news is that the problem is still persists. Anytime I close the lid, I have to reset the SMC to get the display to turn on again.

Any other ideas or suggestions?


@Jesse Zhong - Sadly your system needs a deeper inspection. It needs someone with the skills to diagnose the logic board issue you are facing now.


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