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Sit-on-top lawn mower. Zero-turn radius mower, 50" mower deck, hydro transmission.

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clicks but won't turn to turn over like motor locked up

after putting clutch in mower wont spin crank to start

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Just spitballing here, but is there possibly some kind of neutral safety switch that may have been knocked loose or not plugged back in during clutch installation? Presumably, the mower won't start in any gear but neutral.


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Ended up valve adjustment and found loose connection to a couple switches. Just tightened up and all good. Deck lift was not working but was only in a bind from going too far up, wich twisted the gear and screw shaft to bind. Remember the constant vibration hits a lot of areas , besides your ass over rough surfaces. Constantly check connections and lube points. Maintenance folks. God bless

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Fully charge the battery. May need replaced if it’s old. Sounds like it doesn’t have the power anymore. Have you tried jumping it off another battery?

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The clutch re install showed the reason for all was valve adjustment . With the clutch back in the game , changed the peramiters / settings .


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